The TONELINK hearing aid app works with Android and Apple devices. Check the compatibility list for supported models.


The TONELINK app is designed to give you the convenience of remotely controlling your hearing aids through an Android or Apple device you readily have at hand.

The TONELINK app covers key functions like changing programs.


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    • The TONELINK app transforms your smartphone into a hearing aid remote control. It uses your phone's speaker to transmit one-way acoustic commands, such as adjusting volumes and changing hearing aid programs. Be sure you don’t have external audio or Bluetooth devices preventing your phone's speaker from playing sounds.

    • You need to go through the pairing procedure to prevent other smartphone users from accidentally controlling your hearing aids. Whenever you power up the hearing aids (by opening then closing the battery door for most hearing aids), the hearing aids are in the pairing mode for the first 3 min. On the app home screen, press the menu icon in the top-left corner, then “New pairing” and follow the simple steps. 3 min is plenty of time to complete the procedure.

    • If you are in a noisy environment, consider increasing the volume of your smartphone slightly to avoid the surrounding noises from masking the acoustic commands. (NOTE: Never place your smartphone next to your ear while using the TONELINK app). Another common problem is that your hearing aids are not "paired" with the TONELINK App. On the home screen of the app, press the menu icon in the top-left corner, then “New pairing", and follow the simple steps.

    • When you long press “Next program” in the app, the hearing aids will toggle between the regular programs and Zen+ programs. The mechanism is very similar to how you change programs using the physical button on the hearing aids.

    • For the hearing aids to reliably detect the acoustic commands, the volume of the phone’s loudspeaker should be kept at a reasonable level, which varies among different phone models. Please adjust your phone volume and find the setting that works best for you.

    • TONELINK sends acoustic commands to the hearing aids as 1-way communication only. It is not possible to retrieve information, such as battery status, from the hearing aids.

    • No. When your phone is paired with a COM-DEX or other Bluetooth audio devices, TONELINK cannot send acoustic commands via the phone's loudspeaker. We advise you to use the COM-DEX app instead of the TONELINK app if you would like to use COM-DEX features such as streaming.

    • Some hearing aid models, like the CIC, do not support the “Back” direction. Therefore, the program jumps to Universal.

    • Directional Focus is a feature that gives you the opportunity to select from which direction you want the hearing aids to focus: Front, back, right or left.

    • Controlling the hearing aids will not work if the phone volume is muted. It may also not work if the volume is set too low or too high. When the phone volume icon is blinking red, you may need to adjust the phone volume to a level that is not too low or too high.